Succcessfully running a non-profit takes all our focus and energy. The Peer RoadMap Group provided tools, strategies and formulas that augmented our goals and has encouraged our business to grow in a more productive way, while recognizing the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

Being a member of a Peer RoadMap Group  provided me with an honest and unique appraisal of my business issues. The resulting clarity, additional tools/skills and organizational effectiveness techniques, all assisted me to build a stronger organization.

- Sue McIntosh, Exectutive Director

As a new business owner, planning seems to always get pushed off to the backburner. The Peer RoadMap Group  has been of huge value to me, in providing both a framework to make a business plan, and the accountability to follow through and get it done. Our monthly peer meetings are always time well spent. I walk out of those meetings recharged, inspired and with some pratical advice from fellow business leaders.

Setting goals, and making a practial plan to work towards them is something I work on with my clients every day for their employment law problems It has been really eye-opening to step back and apply that approach to my business.

- Sara Forte, Owner, Forte Law

We are thankful to Jane for accepting us into her Peer RoadMap Group and are proud to be a part of the first cohort. There are so many aspects of this program that have added great value as we grow our business. The dynamics of collaborating with other hardworking, dedicated and creative entreprenuers from a variety of industries is more powerful than I had imagined. Our new colleagues have been excellent advisors for sales/marketing and operations decisions.

Most importantly, we are inspired by Jane's enthusiasm and so appreciative of her encouragement, ideas and coaching over the past year to help us discover our own strengths. Our company has seen incredible growth in one aspect of the business. We would hightly recommend working with Jane for any start-up or established company. Thank you, Jane!

- Erin Flynn, Partner, Newcomers Canada

I've run a successfull business for the past 24 years. Success comes with challenges, and the departure of my right-hand employee of 20 years, nearly stretched me to the breaking point. Working with Jane helped me to look at my business in a different way. As a result, I have introduced needed processes and structure necessary to support continued growth, including doubling the size of my team. This was a big shift for me, but such a welcome change that has built sustainability into my business and given me better work-life balance. Joining a Peer RoadMap Group has provided me with the discipline and accountability to continue this journey. I'm happy to say that business is booming and we're ready for it!

- Joan Walker

As in the case with many business professionals, I have found myself "stuck" from time to time, not knowing whether to approach a situation differently or make a drastic change. It is during those times that I immediately contact Jane. By really listening and asking no-nonsense, direct questions, she has the uncanny ability to help me see things in a whole new way. She helps me reframe, strategize, and build a workable action plan that energizes me, restores my momentum and has been a critical part of my success. Thank you Jane for your energy, insights, and support!

- Judy, Senior Leader, Oil & Gas

We needed a better business path and alignment of that paty internally. Our owner wasn't a supporter of taking the time needed to build a necessary plan, so we decided to work with Jane to use her vast knowledge and experience helping companies like ours.

Her insight and direction through the process ensured we were on task and able to build a very concise approach to our business. The end product was something that we were able to streamline and present to the ownership team and ultimately gain acceptance with.

I am sure had we tried to do this alone we would not have accomplished what we did so quickly.

A huge thanks to Jane, and I encourage anyone looking for help take 15 minutes and talk to Jane. You will learn quickly that she is extremely engaged and can help you move forward.

- Chuck, COO, Technology

I've had the pleasure of working with Jane on a number of high profile, enterprise-wide initiatives. Her insightful questioning and breakthrough analysis elevates their performance and drives outcomes beyond what was thought possible. Jane is the real-deal: a difficult to find combination of trusted advisor, thought-partner, motivator and truth-teller. She's been my secret weapon when faced with pivotal, challanging, complex business opportunities.

- Karen, Senior Leader, Oil & Gas

Jane is great at gettng you back on track, thinking about what your true goals are (or could be) and creating a pathway forward. She communicates with you in a way that is encouraging and realistic that ensures you are both aligned on what are the next steps.

- Clay Dube, Smak

If you’re looking for a facilitator who will put the pieces of your organization’s puzzle together and catalyze outstanding performance, you will find that person in Jane Iannacone. She exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend her.

- Catherine, CEO, Zengot

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