Grind less - make more!

Many business owners fall into common traps that waste time and erode profits.

Are you one of them?

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You’re a dedicated, hard-working business owner. Are you ready to get off the treadmill and address your challenges head on?

You’re not alone.

9 out of 10 businesses focus primarily on the day-to-day and aren’t taking meaningful steps to grow their bottom line.


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At Jigsaw, We Help Business Owners:
  • Build stronger and more profitable businesses.
  • Be more strategic – to think and act like CEOs.
  • Clarify the ‘WHY’ of their business and embed it in everything they do.
  • Overcome the isolation of running a business.
  • Understand the key numbers for managing their business and build financial projections to put them in control.
  • Create purpose-driven roadmaps so they know what steps to take to grow their business.
Step into the CEO mindset!

You need to lead your business, not just operate it.

You don’t need an MBA to succeed - what you need is support from someone knowledgeable and experienced.

We understand you and your business and want you to succeed.  


We are inspired by Jane's enthusiasm and so appreciative of her encouragement, ideas and coaching over the past year to help us discover our own strengths. Our company has seen incredible growth in one aspect of the business. We would hightly recommend working with Jane.

Erin Flynn – Partner, Newcomers Canada

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