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I'm excited to share insights from my work with business owners just like you on common traps that waste time and erode profits.  Find out which traps you've unknowingly fallen into and simple steps on how to get out in our FREE download:

Stop Leaving Money on the Table.  How Business Owners Can Overcome 10 Common Traps.

Smart Strategies to Grow
Profitable Small Businesses

You’re a dedicated, hard-working business owner and you’re ready
to address your challenges and get off the treadmill.

But you don’t know the best way to do it for your business. You may be surprised to learn that you’re not alone. 9 out of 10 businesses focus primarily on the day to day and aren’t taking meaningful steps to grow their bottom line. They are stuck in the business operator trap and it’s lonely.

seminar helping small businesses
At Jigsaw, We Help Business Owners:
  • To build stronger and more profitable businesses.
  • To be more strategic – to think and act like CEOs.
  • To clarify the ‘WHY’ of their business and embed it in everything they do.
  • To overcome the isolation of running a business.
  • To understand the key numbers for managing their business and build financial projections to put them in control.
  • To create purpose-driven roadmaps so they know what steps to take to grow their business.

If you’re serious about your business, you need to lead it and not just operate it. Step into the CEO mindset – be strategic, think longer term and master your numbers.

You don’t need an MBA to do this well. What you need is support from someone knowledgeable and experienced who understands you and your business and wants you to succeed.  Someone who can guide you through an effective process that is achievable for anyone.


The Peer RoadMap Group has been of huge value to me, in providing both a framework to make a business plan, and the accountability to follow through and get it done.  I walk out of those meetings recharged, inspired and with some pratical advice from fellow business leaders.

Sara Forte – Owner, Forte Law

small business strategies
Small Business Solutions

small business strategiesOur programs for small business provide 1-on-1 or group support. Our Peer RoadMap Groups bring together up to like-minded women from a variety of different sectors and backgrounds to build stronger and more profitable businesses together. You’ll learn that you are not alone – others have faced and overcome similar challenges and can see opportunities that may not be visible to you. They will open doors for you and propel you forward.

large business strategies
Medium to Larger Business Solutions

large business strategiesOur programs for larger businesses build stronger management teams, enhancing their ability to make meaningful contributions and get on the same page. Our process helps build the capability of managers to participate effectively on the management team, align their objectives with the company direction and lead their departments to better results. You’ll be able to remove yourself more from operations and focus on the more strategic aspects of the business as the CEO.

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