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There's a puzzle you haven't been able to solve, a challenge you haven't been able to overcome, a goal you would love to achieve—but you can't seem to figure out the right path to get there.

With Jigsaw as your guide, we begin with a process of inquiry and discovery to understand your definition of success and your unique talents. Through a personalized approach, Jigsaw equips you with new tools, skills, and strategies to make steady progress and rise to new heights of achievement. Whether you prefer to collaborate 1-on-1, with your team or among a small group of your peers, with Jigsaw's guidance, you can uncover hidden solutions and opportunities to finally get unstuck and achieve the success you've been seeking.

What We Do

At Jigsaw, we understand that every business is unique and has its own set of challenges and opportunities. That's why we offer customized strategic management and leadership development services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our services are designed to help businesses establish a solid foundation for success.

To be successful, it is critical for businesses to align their resources, capabilities, and processes with their strategic objectives. Our strategic management approach is designed to help businesses like yours achieve this alignment. Moreover, our leadership development services are designed to boost your confidence and enhance your management skills, enabling you to more effectively engage your team. This, in turn, can lead to improved performance and outcomes for your business, providing you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


Develop your ability to lead and manage others effectively.

  • Improve communication and accountability
  • Increase productivity
  • Inspire and motivate
  • Improve employee engagement


Develop & implement effective strategies to achieve your goals. Run your business from a plan.

  • Clarify your strategic positioning
  • Set goals and build roadmap
  • Execute plan
  • Recalibrate and reset

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are customized to your specific needs and range from providing  advice, guidance, analysis, and implementation support, to help you to achieve your goals.  It starts with a discovery phase where we learn about your business, including the challenges you are facing and what you would like to achieve. 

Our consulting service delivery options are:

  • One-on-one 
  • Team-based

Strategic Management Consulting

Strategic management is anchored in business planning and is defined by an ongoing process that keeps the plan strategic, relevant and actionable.    Our process identifies the best opportunities to achieve your business goals  and creates a roadmap to put you on the path to getting results right away.  It involves analyzing your business to determine the best strategic choices to achieve your goals.   While you may already know the path you want to take, our analysis identifies a number of other opportunities that may not be on your radar that can make a significant difference.

Making data-based decisions will increase the odds of success.  Studies indicate only 1 in 10 small businesses operate from a plan.  These companies grow at least 30% faster than those that don't.

Here's what our standard process looks like:

WebsiteversionStrategicManagement.pngLeadership Development Consulting

Leadership development consulting can be a highly effective way for anyone  to  improve their leadership capabilities. Working with Jigsaw allows your business gain access to expertise, resources, and support that can help you to achieve your leadership development goals.

Business owners need to have a wide range of skills and abilities to be successful, but there are certain skills that are particularly critical for effective leadership and management.  Here are five of the most common areas businesses owners ask for help:

  1. Communication:  Communicating expectations clearly, providing constructive feedback and having difficult conversations.
  2. Time management: Dealing with competing  responsibilities,  delegating and prioritization. 
  3. Conflict resolution: Managing conflicts with and among team members
  4. Managing team: Keeping team members motivated and engaged  when working remotely or under stressful conditions.
  5. Hiring and retention: Finding qualified new hires, effectively onboarding them and retaining them.

Tell us what you're struggling with and we'll teach you how to confidently and successfully address it.


Peer-to-Peer Networks

One of the hard parts of being an entrepreneur is the psychological weight of being the key decision-maker.  Every decision  depends on you.  Figuring out how organize your time, stay accountable, and make everything happen without becoming totally overwhelmed is a real challenge. 

Not having people to talk to and bounce ideas around with can be one of the hardest parts of running your own business.

Collaboration with others can be critical for small business owners. They can share ideas, learn from others, and get the support they need to overcome the challenges they face. It can help them overcome the isolation that comes with being the boss, provide them with expertise in areas where they may not be an expert, and help them make better decisions. By collaborating with others, small business owners can increase their chances of success and build a stronger, more sustainable business.

Our Peer-to-Peer Network programs are:

  • The Inner Circle
  • Business Retreats

The Inner Circle

This Jigsaw Inner Circle is  a small,  focused group of like-minded peers that comes together monthly to learn from each other. Together,  it will  help you to stay focused, supported and successful.   It will  bolster your sense of connectivity,  help keep your business moving forward, and will provide critical insights for achieving your goals  faster.  Unlike other networking  groups that focus on referring business, the focus of our program is on business building - skill development geared towards increasing your efficiency and effectiveness using strategic management and leadership development principles.

Click here for more information about The Inner Circle.

Business Retreats 

Every business owner needs time away from day-to-day demands to focus on the big picture.  We know how valuable your time is and have developed 3-day immersive retreat experiences that will help you take your business to the next level, connect meaningfully with like-minded women and rejuvenate in beautiful surroundings.   Learning with peers, who understand the world of an entrepreneur, is a fantastic environment to break out of old patterns that are holding you back and move forward with renewed energy.

With a maximum of 12 participants, our highly interactive, retreat workshop experiences are informative, engaging and highly rewarding.

For more information on our upcoming retreats, go to our Retreats page.

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