Peer Networks for Entrepreneurs

It is widely recognized that a supportive community of successful entrepreneurs can be a powerful force behind achieving success in business.

This supportive network fosters a collaborative environment that enables business owners to achieve their goals while enjoying the camaraderie of other like-minded people.

Who is this for?

The Jigsaw Inner Circle is a community designed for entrepreneurs who come from different industries and want to support each other in achieving success while also sharing their experiences. Our groups are designed to foster diversity in strengths and skill sets among our members, fostering a rich collaborative environment.

*** We offer groups that are open to everyone and others that are for women-only. ***

It's for people who want to:

  • Share ideas, insights and strategies
  • Gain new perspectives and insights
  • Gain valuable feedback, fresh perspectives, and practical solutions to overcome challenges
  • Build your trusted network of peers who support you
  • Receive support when the going gets rough
  • Be inspired, motivated, and held  accountable
  • Empower one another to reach new heights in their entrepreneurial journeys.

What types of questions can I get input on from the group?

You are free to bring any question that you are wrestling with to the group for input.  Here is a list of topics that have been asked in our recent groups:

  • Website Traffic Issues: "I need more visitors to my website. Can anyone share marketing ideas that worked for you?"

  • Dealing with Underperforming Employee: "I have an underperforming employee. How should I handle this?"

  • Team Expansion: "I'm growing my team. What should I do to help them start strong?"

  • Entering the US Market: "I want to enter the US market. Can we talk about your experience and advice?"

  • Risk Plan: What should I do to avoid and deal with supplier problems?
  • AI Usage: "How is everyone using AI, and which apps do you recommend?"

  • Time Management: "I have too many emails and calls. What time-saving tips do you use?"

  • Dealing with Rejection: "I've faced rejection in proposals. How do you stay positive?"

  • Client Payments: "I'm struggling with getting clients to pay. How do you handle collections without hurting relationships?"

  • Sales Growth and Introductions: "My goal is to grow sales by 25% this year and I'm looking for introductions to my target audience. Who do you know?"

  • Project Management Software: "I need project management software. What platforms do you recommend?"

Here's how it works:


WHERE: Virtual meetings via ZOOM.

WHEN: Same day and time every month (e.g., 1st Thursday of the month at 1pm)

FORMAT:  Facilitated discussions

LENGTH:  90 minutes 

COMMITMENT: 6 months

Each meeting includes:

  • Round table - what were the highlights and lowlights of your month, what are you focused on now?

  • Challenges & opportunities - we'll discuss specific topics you would like input from the group on.

  • Learn & grow segment - Let's talk practically about building your business: 

    • For you: Make better decisions, build confidence, build company value

    • For your customers: Improve your customer experience, build loyalty

    • For your team: Creating compelling employee value propositions, building commitment.

Why joining a Peer Network Group is highly beneficial:

As a business owner, joining the Inner Circle can help you in the following ways:

  • Gain new perspectives and insights: Peers in other industries can bring new ideas and insights to the table that you may not have considered before. They may have experienced similar challenges and can provide advice on how to overcome them.

  • Receive feedback: Peers can give you honest feedback on your ideas, strategies, and plans. They can point out flaws in your thinking or highlight areas that require more attention. This feedback can help you improve your business and make better decisions.

  • Networking opportunities: Discussing your issues with peers provides an opportunity to build relationships with other business owners. This can lead to new partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities in the future.

  • Emotional support: Running a business can be stressful, and it's not uncommon to feel isolated. Talking to peers who understand what you're going through can provide emotional support and help you feel less alone in your struggles.

  • Accountability: Sharing your challenges with a group of peers can hold you accountable for taking action. When you have a group of people who know what you're trying to achieve and are invested in your success, you're more likely to follow through on your plans and commitments.

Interested in joining?

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