Business Consulting For Small & Medium Sized Companies 

We help business owners who are experiencing or desiring business growth. They want to get better control and spend more time working ‘on’ their business than ‘in’ it. They recognize that involving more diverse perspectives produces better decisions.

Small Businesses

Our typical small business clients are still heavily involved in day-to-day operations, would like it to be easier to get work done, are feeling somewhat overwhelmed and / or isolated, and are interested in fresh ideas. They are looking to be less reactive, be more financially literate and have someone to hold them accountable. Their businesses have annual revenues of $200K to $5M.

Larger Businesses

Our typical larger business clients are owners / CEOs that are heavily involved in operations, despite the presence of an emerging management team. They tend to do the majority of the decision making and are looking to build the managers’ leadership skills so they can contribute more to strategic planning and lead their departments more independently. Annual revenues are typically $5M to $50M.

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