Our programs build the effectiveness of management teams by getting them on the same page to strategically leading the organization forward.  Our strategic planning process guides the team in setting strategies and aligning objectives with the company direction to lead their departments to better results. With accountability for results distributed among the team, you will be able to remove yourself from operations and focus on the more strategic aspects of the business as the CEO.

Our typical SME clients are owners/CEOs that are heavily involved in operations, despite the presence of an emerging management team. They tend to do the majority of the decision making and are looking to build the managers’ leadership skills so they can contribute more to strategic planning and lead their departments more independently. Annual revenues are typically $5M to $50M.

Building Leadership Skills Within Management

Building leadership capability within your business is key to long-term success and survival. We can help you and your team to develop the skills you need. From foundational to advanced levels of leadership, we can put together a solution that will fit you and your business.


1-on-1 Coaching

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to maximize your personal leadership potential. The focus of coaching is development and implementation of strategies to reach your goals and to become a more effective leader.

Group Education

Leadership education programs provide an opportunity for teams to increase their skillsets together. Whether they are new to supervision, emerging leaders or experienced leaders looking to further build their capabilities, we have a program for you.


Management Team Strategic Planning Retreats

Building your strategic plan together, is very effective at getting everyone on the same page. This program enables CEOs to set overall direction while engaging the team in strategy development and the establishment of SMART goals.  Our process supports managers to assume greater responsibility for aligning their departments to make meaningful contributions.


Change Management Consulting

Does your business plan outline the need for a change to your strategies, processes, people or technology? Will the success of this implementation impact your bottom-line? Do you accept the fact that your end-users must buy into the change you wish to implement? If so, you need to proactively manage the change rather than let it happen on its own.

At Jigsaw, we believe you can do the work upfront or you can spend much more time, energy and money trying to fix it after the fact.

We can help you plan how best to roll out the change. We identify all of the stakeholders and how they are impacted – identifying why they would want to change and why they might resist. From this point, we are able to develop and implement the most effective roll-out strategy to maximize user buy-in and ensure your success.

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