More than just an event. This is the entry point to a powerful community. 

You belong here.

Registration for May 2022 retreat in now closed. 
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Every business owner needs time away from day-to-day demands to focus on the big picture.  Yourself. Your life. Your business. We know how valuable your time is and we have developed a special 3-day experience followed by monthly video check-ins that will significantly enhance all three.  This workshop experience is informative, engaging and highly rewarding.

Women often put themselves last and women business owners often don’t even put themselves on the list…their own list. Jigsaw retreats are about self-care and rejuvenation. Downtime. Beautiful destinations. Luxurious accommodations. Delicious meals you did not prepare. Outdoor excursions. Wine and laughter.

With a maximum of 12 participants, our groups are always small to ensure that everyone can be seen, heard and known.  Connections form easily. You are encouraged to bring your whole self.  It is personal and you will find a home for yourself here.

Our programming will challenge you to look at your business in a different way, breaking out of old patterns that are holding you back.  We support and challenge each other to build our businesses together.  Identifying opportunities to improve and building skills to confidently affect change.  Expert facilitation and really great content makes all the difference. 

Connection. Confidence. Community. Comfort.  It’s all here.

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"It gives you downtime. It gives you space. When I arrived on Friday, all of a sudden I felt open and ready to absorb all of this information. It removes you from your environment to this calm space with a balance of learning, relaxing, good food, good company. I'd recommend it to anybody in business."  Joan. Business Owner.


Sound like Jigsaw Retreats are made for you? Read on...

You will get personalized, one-on-one instruction from an accomplished professional who has successfully mentored hundreds of people just like you, and receive input and support from a group of like-minded women in business who are on the same journey.

"The experience is something so special that you can only get from a small group, in-person experience.  It's not just about being in the same room together, the program has allowed for so many opportunities for the women to bond with each other and to learn from each other."    Lorena. Business Owner.

Jigsaw retreats are for women entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Step away from the day to day and work ON your business. You spend most of your days reacting to the events in front of you.  Step away from the fray and focus on WHAT COULD BE for your business, not just WHAT SHOULD BE in the moment.
  • Feel more confident. You face new and unique challenges on a regular basis and can feel overwhelmed. We'll teach you how to confidently take it all in stride.
  • Strike a better work-life balance. You want to realize the benefits that inspired you to start your business in the first place?   We'll share the roadmap to get your life in balance.
  • Spend time with women who completely get you.  You want to experience the joy of being around people you've just met who understand you in a way your closest friends and family members do not.  This is the community you are missing.
  • Take a guilt-free break and indulge in much-needed self-care and luxury. You deserve it.  You will return home exhilarated, inspired, refreshed and equipped to make a step-change in your business.

"Jane is the real-deal: a difficult to find combination of trusted advisor, thought-partner, motivator and truth-teller. She's been my secret weapon when faced with pivotal, challanging, complex business opportunities."  Karen. Senior Executive.


"Jane asks really really good questions for us to think strategically about our businesses.  It really made me dig deep and think about a lot of things - things that hadn't even crossed my mind or I hadn't been putting enough emphasis on. I found it really useful."   Lorena. Business Owner.

You Will Receive a 30+ Page Workbook:

In my experience working with small business owners, there are a lot of common areas of struggle. When you shift your focus from outside the organization (a.k.a sales and marketing) to inside, you will see your business and its potential in a different way.

2022 Retreat Modules:

  • Checking in with  Your Inner Control Freak
  • Revisiting Your Definition of Success 
  • Getting Unstuck - A Practical Approach to Really Learn from Experience
  • Bringing it all Together - A Roadmap to Realizing Change

Click here to learn more about these modules

"My main reason for coming was to find a way to set up my business right from the get go.  Aside from the amazing content and the warmth of Jane and her team, it was the people that attended the retreat.  They were phenomenal. I have found a new family of like-minded people and it helps a lot."  Daria. Business Owner.

Click here to view the 2022  retreat agenda


"What made me the happiest was being with all the women.  I really liked a very small group of women. Even though we do so many different things and our businesses are so different, we had so many things in common.  Hearing their stories and their ideas was excellent."  Kendra.  Business Owner.

By the end of the retreat, you will:

  • Have incredible clarity of what you need to do differently to  improve your business.
  • Know how to improve your own satisfaction and effectiveness as CEO of your business.
  • Learn new strategies to solve your current business problems.
  • Shift your mindset around your business and success to clear the blocks and beliefs that have been holding you back. 
  • Feel re-energized, inspired, relaxed and equipped with a roadmap to make a step-change in your business.
  • Have a business adviser and a new community of like-minded women who understand you and your business, want you to succeed, and will be there to support you long after the retreat is over.
  • Be invited to join a monthly video call to stay connected, supported and accountable to the goals you've established for your business.


"Giving yourself permission to take a break from the day-to-day to look at the big picture is so important...until you experience it, I don't think you get how important it is."   Nicole. Business Owner.

"Not only has this been an incredible learning experience, but even more importantly for me, I have made a new group of female entrepreneur friends. In the course of one weekend, we're so bonded and we get exactly what the others are going through and we're life long friends."  Lorena. Business Owner.


Retreat Venues

Brentwood Bay Resort - Victoria, BC


Relax and unwind in Brentwood Bay! This oceanfront resort has everything you need to reset. Enjoy fabulous food, a fully equipped spa, an outdoor pool, outdoor activities like kayaking and paddle boarding, and more!

The resort has reserved a Deluxe Ocean Suite for you at a group rate of $290 per night plus taxes.  Booking instructions will be provided as part of the registration process.  You are responsible for covering the cost of your own accommodation. 

For more information about the resort, click here.

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