Why You Need to Address Performance Issues

April 28th, 2023 | in People Management
Why You Need to Address Performance Issues

For small business owners, addressing performance issues may not be fun but it is essential for the smooth operation of the business. In today’s article, we would like to talk about impact of not addressing employee performance issues, and how to handle it better.


When you don’t address employee performance, overall efficiency deteriorates. Employee performance can continue to decline and there may be conflict between employees which can make the problems worse. Have you ever noticed this?

You may also find that you are doing more work to compensate for the lack of stellar performance of an employee. Do you really have time for that?

How to Proceed

Talk to your employees and address performance issues. Try to get to the root of the problem, and don’t assume you already know what that is. Ask the employee about specific tasks and explain that they are not meeting your expectations. Did you spell out what your expectations are? It’s impossible to meet performance metrics if the employee does not know what they are.

The solution could be simpler or more complex than you think. When you talk to the employee, keep a record of the discussion, and offer a plan of action. Explain how the lack of performance affects both the company and staff. Maybe the employee can suggest what would help them perform better. Does the employee need training? A stand-up desk? A change in schedule?

Follow-up will be important. Let the employee know that their performance is important, and watch to see if things are improving—or not. Giving employees feedback and the opportunity to improve is an efficient way to bring about changes in your organization. We know it works. Give it a try.

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