Why It Is Important to Take Time Away From Business

July 29th, 2021 | in Articles
Why It Is Important to Take Time Away From Business

Building a successful business takes time and energy. You may be working countless hours at your business, and even thinking about it when you’re not at the office. But working all the time can lead to burnout and feeling like you’re the proverbial hamster on a wheel no matter how successful you are.

But wait: we have some good news for you. Rest and relaxation are good things, not just for you, but also for your creativity, energy, and perspective. It’s time to take some time off from work—and not feel guilty about it.

Overall Health

Are you feeling like you’re not at the top of your game? Taking some time off from work is good for your mind and your body.

Sleep, for example, is a restorative activity and over 70 percent of the population in North America suffers from sleep debt. Sleep is good for your immunity, metabolism, recovery from injury and your mental health. So, it is important that you get enough sleep and rest, all the time, not just for a week in the summer. In order for your business to be performing at peak efficiency, you also need to be in good shape.


You will be more creative if you get some rest and time away from work. Only when you are away from the task at hand and empty your mind of preconceived ideas can you open yourself up to new approaches and inspire creativity.


Rest and time away from work can increase your productivity. Rest not only refreshes your mind and body, but it makes you more focused and attentive. You are safer on the job. All of these things contribute to a rested employee (or boss) being a more productive one.

Gain Perspective

When you work constantly, and you’re tired, like many business owners do and are, it’s easy to lose your perspective. We know you’re tired. However, rest and time away from work on a regular basis will combat this and help you to regain your perspective—or even a new perspective that will benefit the business over time.

We strongly recommend some downtime and being proud of it. This advice may go against everything you have ever believed about being a business owner. But rest and relaxation  are good for your business because you will have renewed energy and purpose when you look after yourself first and your business second.

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