Do you dream of running away to live on a farm too?

April 9th, 2018 | in Articles
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Running a business can be stressful. Thoughts of escaping to a simpler place can pop into your mind from time to time.

Lately, I’ve been in a number of conversations with CEO’s / business owners who are talking about wanting to move to a farm. Or at least dreaming of it – an idyllic life, living off the land, watching the cows eating grass from the comfort of the porch swing, picking strawberries with the kids, gathering eggs from the hen house and baking pies with the ladies from town.

You get the picture. It sounds pretty appealing doesn’t it?  

What is it that these CEO’s want to escape? They describe long hours at work, days spent putting out fires, staffing problems, lack of focus and prioritization, loneliness, spending evenings networking instead of with their families. They’re on an unsustainable treadmill.  Successful business owners know that it is important to take time away.

I think what these CEO’s are really dreaming of is a simpler life with more personal connection – a better day to day experience.

Even if this utopian farm existence was realistic, I don’t think moving to the farm would give them what they crave. After all, they’re entrepreneurs in the prime of life who love running their businesses. First day on the farm they would be visualizing fields of cows and thinking of marketing and distribution for the milk and whether or not to get organic certification. Life would quickly become complicated and they would be no less overwhelmed than they currently are. That’s just how they’re hard wired.

These CEO’s would be better off, learning how to enjoy more simplicity in their current lives and businesses and improve their sense of connectedness.

The good news is that it is actually more achievable than you might think. The bad news is that you’re not going to get there by doing the same things that got you where you are today. You may have listened to countless podcasts to master the latest leadership fads, but the answer is not there either.

The secret of improving the CEO / business owner experience is having a strong business foundation. But what exactly does that mean?

A strong business foundation involves understanding who your best customers are and the needs your business fulfills for them. It’s about taking this knowledge and building an organization as well as directing resources to relentlessly serve these best customers – from the products or services you sell to the culture you foster to the organizational structure and processes you build.

Having a strong business foundation allows CEO’s to be more planful and is a critical first step in achieving the dream without moving to the imaginary farm. It provides a framework that leads to proactive decision making and provides greater clarity, confidence and a sense of calm – a better CEO / business owner experience.

Every client I’ve worked with in the past 20 years had cracks in their foundations.

Without a strong foundation, you can easily become overwhelmed and have difficulty evaluating the many opportunities that are coming at you. You also run the risk of losing focus and becoming reactive. These cracks are limiting the potential of your business, negatively impacting your bottomline and reducing your enjoyment as a business owner.

Peer RoadMap Groups provide instruction on how to build the foundation of your business to improve the CEO / business owner experience. The 6-month program creates an engaging environment where you can learn from an experienced business coach and build relationships with a diverse group of CEO’s / business owners, who have been in your shoes, can provide meaningful and useful support to help you address the challenges you are facing.

It’s informative. It’s energizing. It gets results. You’ll look at your business in a different way.

Reach out to me if you’re interested in learning more about improving your CEO / business owner experience.

If you’re like me, you love farm fresh eggs, but I promise you, there’s many easier ways of getting them than raising chickens!

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